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Nr. 1491: Carte d’une partie de la Flandre..

Single printed map in proof state showing military events of 1703

"Carte d'une partie de la Flandre &c. ou l'on voit les Lignes que les Francois y ont faites depuis Gand jusque a l'Escaut avec plusieurs Forts êlevé depuis peu en ce pais la. L'on y a marqué aussi le Champs de la Choque d'Eckeren & les Attaques de Monsr. Coehoorn & de Monsr. Sparr qui forcerent les susdites Lignes &c.". To Northwest oriented map of the river Schelde between Gent and Antwerp with the Land of Waas, title cartouche in the upper right corner. Copper engraving, "(à la Haie) chez Anna Beek avec Privileg: (27 juny 1703)". The location and date of publication (?) are added in ink by an old hand. The date of publication (?) is - again in ink - repeated in the lower left margin. PM 34,2 x 52, sheetsize 38 x 53,5 cm.

Rare single printed sheet in proof or an early state! The text of the title cartouche before the later added name of van Call and the map itself before many later additions to it. The map shows the defensive line the French and Spanish had built between Gent and Antwerpen in the early years of the war of Spanish Succession, the so-called Bedmar line. Inserted and depicted as small battle-scenes are the breakthroughs of the Dutch Generals Spaar and Coehorn near Stekene resp. Liefkenshoek on the 27th of June and the battle of Ekeren on the 30th of June 1703. This battle is the last military event shown, so the printing of the map must have been finished actually shortly after that event. - Full impression of the plate with original margins, the left margin a bit narrow. The impression generally strong, only in part of the centre of the map the printing is slightly weaker. The map was folded twice, the folds have been flattened and strengthened verso. The back shows on old collector's stamp. - A rare item in excellent condition!

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