Belgien - Niederlande - Luxemburg

Nr. 46: Comitatus Zutphania

Rare single-printed map by van Geelkerken
“Comitatus Zutphania. Auth. Nicolao Geilkerckio.. Henricus Hondius”. Amsterdam, Hendrik Hondius, ca. 1635/37. 40 x 52,5. South to the top. In the upper left hand corner the arms of the county are shown, the lower left hand corner is embellished with a dedication cartouche to Willem Backer. Uncoloured. Verso no text.

Vredenberg-Alink, Kwartier van Zutphen, map 12 with a doublepage illustration on pages 120/21. No Atlas map, only separately issued. Therefore not in Koeman-v.d.Krogt. – Strong impression. Very good condition.

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