Belgien - Niederlande - Luxemburg

Nr. 715: Rotterdam

Large panoramic view

„Rotterdam”. Magnificent general view of the city from the river Maas. Below the view a key in Dutch language (only) to the most prominent buildings. Printed from 2 engraved copper plates on 2 sheets joined after a drawing by an anonymous artist and published by the widow of Johann Balthasar Probst, Augsburg c. 1750/60. Sheet’s size: 42 x 109, impression: 35,7 x 95,2 cm.

Raatsma 89. Most probably 1st state of this early 18th century panoramic view; according to Raatsma this state is at least “de oudste staat in het Gemeentearchief van Rotterdam”. An earlier publication by Johann Balthasar Probst himself is not known. According to Raatsma the drawing for the print was made around 1734 and the anonymous artist is supposed to be Friedrich Bernhard Werner. From Werner’s autobiography we know, that he travelled through the Netherlands extensively in the summer of 1729. The print itself must have been published in 1750 or soon after, because Johann Balthasar Probst died in that year and his widow soon gave up her publishing business. - A fine strong and even impression with wide original margin. 2 vertical folds and few creases taken out. Else an impeccable copy.

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