Nr. 708: La Carte Nouvelle de la France

Rare Ottens map in magnificent colour

“La Carte Nouvelle de la France, Ses Conquetes, Ses Acquisitions, et Ses Bornes par la Paix de Ris-Wick Corrigées par Ordre du Roy et Dressée sur les Dernières Observations de Mrs. de l’Academie Royale des Sciences par N. de Fer Geographe de Monseigneur le Dauphin”; with an additional title cartouche in Dutch and a running separate title in Latin at top “Galliae Tabula, qua omnes Provinciae et Viae Angiariae peraccurate ostenduntur, per N. de Fer 1705 (?)”. Road map of France in the territorial shape of the treaty of Rijswijk in 1697. Embellished with numerous coats of arms and enriched with explanations referring to the former Gouvernements. Double-page engraved map in original colour after Nicolas de Fer by Reinier & Josua Ottens, Amsterdam at around 1729 or later. (PM) 50,5 x 61 cm.

Cf. Koeman, Ottens catalogue, map 41. Most probably copied from a map by de Fer in smaller size, which was published by Danet in 1724 (see Pastoureau, Fer IV B, map 68), and printed from a new plate, which the Ottens brothers had commissioned. Uncommon. Our copy is attractively coloured in the early 18th century Dutch style! - A near perfect example in bright original colour with wide margins.
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